28 March 2012

What I am enjoying today...

  • Wearing an apron and pearls all day long
  • Hearing my boys play instruments
  • Enjoying the beauty of spring with a boy who loves dirt
  • The surprise of flowers in my yard
  • Beautiful children's books that adorn our mantle nicely and remind me TO READ TO THE LITTLEST!
  • Planning a trip to the National Aquarium for the 3rd boy's birthday
  • Boys who ask to mill grain with the handy dandy hand mill and then accidentally spill it all over the floor
  • A romantic husband who sends me a link showing he has purchased the dehydrator of my dreams (I am really excited!)
  • Laughing at how excited a dehydrator makes me
  • Boys who spill granola all over the floor and usher in the dog for clean up
  • Hearing the 5 year old tell me I am as pretty as a spider (we are reading Charlotte's Web so it's a nice compliment)
  • The excitement of telling the boys that we'll be making our own dehydrated food as soon as aforementioned new gadget arrives 
  • Seeing little bits of green (my favorite color) all around
  • Boys who managed to capture our runaway dog and bandage a brother's cut finger from whittling without needing to disturb mama's afternoon siesta
  • Planning our trips to Tennessee for our almost-teenage boy's birthday and our friend's wedding
  • Prayers for people we do not know by the ones I know best
  • Some yellow sandals that are coming my way to make up for the 3 pairs the dog has chewed
  • Trying NOT to laugh when the 5 year old says the f-word:f-a-r-t (IHATETHATWORD!!!!)
  • Discussing The Hunger Games in a hushed voice with one boy who has finished it whilst another one desperately tries to read it without hearing what we are saying
  • Single parenting my four boys whilst my Mister works from DC for 3 days-straight
  • Peach preserves the neighbor brought down just because she is a McCutcheon
  • Taking our runaway dog to his puppy class
  • Four boys who are begging to go ice skating tonight (sans the Mister who will be in DC)
  • Remembering all the fun had on my Nashville porch
  • Realizing that there is purpose and promise in ever detail of our lives
...and you? What are you enjoying today?

1 comment:

Dianne said...

I will be cleaning. re-decorating (new curtains in living room) for summer. working on my booth in the antique mall

I saw you have the Anthropologie bowls thatI have too...love them.