19 March 2012


The day went just as HE planned. Notice HE not SHE. There were no fancy meals. No big parties. No printed invitations. This Mama let go and let HIM decide how HE wanted to celebrate HIS birthday. And this is what we did:

Had donuts for breakfast. 

Family tradition: a balloon filled bedroom when you wake.(that little brother promptly claimed)

Skateboard stickers from friend, Jack.

Cheesecake by Dad: I plan to devote an entire story about this.  Notice the "11" courtesy of George.

Sleepover pile up.

The morning after. 

The boy with his mature toy. It's a BB gun, people. Only with adult supervision. No shooting brothers or animals.

Just call me Calamity Jane.

It was a weekend fit for a boy of 11 years. We ate (a lot!!!!) We They stayed up late watching Inception. We (against my will) rose early to Nerf battle and wrestle. It was Merry, just like my merry-eyed boy. xo

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