15 June 2014

i know a guy

i live on such a tight rope of hope. on the one hand i see the amazing hopefulness in overcoming what can seem like impossible odds. and on the other hand i can see the danger when the reality of walking said tight rope is realized. falling, failure, death.

but mostly i just hang out on the hope side. i can't help but. cause you see, i know a guy. 

a guy who was not raised with a mother, but who is a most nurturing and affectionate father. i know a guy who never had the kind of dad who accompanied him to sporting events or even tossed the baseball with him, but who is poised to snap those once in a lifetime shots of his boys doing pretty cool stuff. never with a hint of bitterness. always with a sense of overwhelming humility and gratefulness. as he sees his boys surpass him in most ways. 

this guy chides his boys when they take their mother for granted. he soothes them when they are hurting. he pushes them when they feel like giving up. 

this guy balances perfectly the walk of encourager and enforcer. "you can do it" and "you're strong enough to keep going". "you're better than that" with "you are forgiven". 

i know a guy. who constantly lives a life full to the brim. his every pore exudes servant leader. he is self effacing and the first one to tell you he's pretty great. 

he was raised by hardworking stock. he is indeed that. he was raised to love books and thoughts and dialoguing on deep things into the wee hours of the night. he still does that. he was given a lifetime of solid life experiences with extended family, uncles and aunts and grandparents who were more like parents. he had it good considering.

i see so much of his boys in him. he can too. happy father's day to this guy, my guy, their guy.