06 March 2012


There are about 35 of these on my phone.

Being the youngest has it's advantages. I am not sure what those are, but my older siblings tell me there are. Our youngest is mostly a forgotten child. What a sad thing to say. But true. He tries to remind us that he is here. Like the time I smelled a familiar smell and wondered, "what is that.." Crap! George was in the basement. Striking matches (he can now build a fire SAFELY using only one match!). Or there was that hilarious time when our cousins were visiting from Atlanta, and George decided to go see another part of the Air and Space Museum without us. We eventually were reunited, but not before I wondered, "What will my life be like without 'what's-his-name?!'" He learned to swim at a very early age because the lifeguards grew weary of rescuing him at the pool. He learned to ride a bike because his trike was not cutting it on the hills. He enjoys baking because if he doesn't stick close to the bowl, well, there will be no batter left to lick. He has become adept at the art of the deal. Much like the Donald, George knows how to negotiate-brilliantly. He has perfected the adage, "It is better to ask forgiveness than permission" as his older brothers cower. I guess that comes from having so many hours in a day unscheduled and unsupervised. I envision him sitting in front of his little mirror asking, "Are you looking at me?" 
For Valentine's he gifted me with this, because...hello?

Don't get me wrong, we love our youngest. Can't imagine our lives without him. He leaves his mark everywhere he goes. Toilet seats. Windows. Our dog. Hey, spray bottles are meant to be sprayed. The contents are inconsequential-bleach, water, vinegar. Who cares?

Recently he has started what can only be described as performance art. It is usually in a public place. There is always music playing. When he can no longer contain himself, he gets up to MOVE. The world is his oyster and the rest of us are just lucky to be invited to the party.Perhaps you remember his little mall dance? I guess being the youngest does have its advantages. You have your very own audience-all the time. Now excuse me while I go scrub the dog's pink fur.

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Joel and Katie said...

I heart George!
From the moment he was born:)
Love his dance moves.