21 March 2012

reality bites

Yesterday I announced, "Lunch will be served at 12." Being a schools-at-home family, my children can leisurely walk in the kitchen for a snack, a drink, a lunch ANYTIME THEY WISH which can be great and can be ever so distracting like when you finally manage to wrangle everyone for morning devotions only to hear the 5 year old whine, "I'm thirsty". In a matter of seconds everyone and everything is derailed and getting that train back on the tracks so that it makes its schedule (afternoon playtime) is ever so challenging. So I said, "Lunch will be served at 12." Which meant I had to listen to the 8 year old moan through his lessons. He was sostarvinghecouldbarelymakeit. 
By having lunch together as a family (minus the Mister)gives us time to read a little poetry, catch up on what we have been doing throughout the morning-you know with the 12 year old working through those impossible math problems and the 8 year old doing his dazzling handwriting. It's all so riveting, really. So I managed to stave off lunch til....12.30! Ooops. Time got away from me. And then the two youngers wanted to help make lunch. I have visions of glory when it comes to lunch. What I envision serving and what actually gets served are two totally different meals entirely. And then there is the bell. It's not lunch (or breakfast or dinner) til I ding the bell and holler, "Order up!" I swear these boys really do think I am a short order cook. And as long as they "Don't forget to tip your waitress", I am totally fine with that. But doing the dishes will suffice nicely.

Wouldn't this be nice?

This will have to suffice. See, kids. Spelling is fun!

My trusty sidekick-"Order up!"

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