05 March 2012

Reality Check

Have you ever spied a person shopping and thought,"Whoa. Poor girl. She clearly didn't check her appearance before leaving home"-and then you realize you are looking in a mirror?
This is what I think I look like.
No? Well, it happens to me. all.the.time. Like everyday. I don't know if the mirrors in my house are some kind of delusional-stay-at-home-mom mirrors where my make up looks perfectly applied, my hair is just so and the choice in wardrobe is right on with what I envisioned for my size and age. Or maybe when I walk through the front door it is as if I am walking through some kind of change machine where everything sort of misaligns. That red lipstick is more like RED LIPSTICK! The placement of my hair clip looks like I just graduated from 1st grade. And the grey sweatshirt and jeans that I thought looked chic and trendy looks less like Flashdance and more like Lois the bearded truck driver.

Catching a snapshot of myself or a glimpse in the mirror can make me wince as I wonder, "Who let sister out looking like this?"
Reality? Check.
But there is something deeply satisfying in seeing the reality and being grateful. I can look at the girl in the mirror and know that those lines are there from years of laughing and living (and not enough sunscreen). Rome was not built in a day. Neither were my hips. There was a lot of pizza making, bread baking and baby carrying that went into making my body the way it is. But I can move and enjoy my boys. I chaturanga with the best of them, and ride a bike. I am healthy and well (if you grade on a curve). My wardrobe is functional and funky. It is an understatement to suggest I have ever run into anyone wearing what I have on. Few are brave crazy to pair a vintage leopard print coat with yoga pants. 

If there is one thing (and I mean as in only one thing) I have learned as a 41 year old is: Life is too short to be so serious. I would rather laugh. The second thing and more important thing is I would rather live an authentic life, being true to who I am then to try to lie about myself. And myself likes dark chocolate and red wine. xo

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