08 March 2012

Capital A

Location of the first Continental Congress and the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Bam!
During the opening prayer, those two senators were holding hands. 

Yesterday we found ourselves at the state legislature listening to Senator Nancy Jacobs regale us with stories of her early homeschool days-back in prohibition times aka 1984.
She is running for Congress. A homeschool{now} grandmother in Washington? Yes, please! We were able to sit in on a Senate hearing and have a tour of the State House where the first Continental Congress met. My boys stood in the room where John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and George Washington stood-just to name a few. And to think we were asked by well meaning curious state employees, "why aren't you in school?"
Shark eyes. Don't mess with Nancy!

So glad a lot has{somewhat}changed with regards to freedom of education. Annapolis is the most darling town. Please go visit. And when you do, would you eat at Sugar Buns in the Kitchen {I am thinking this needs to be my new nickname}? We walked passed, but couldn't fit our party of 12 through the front door.

The Naval Academy is breathtaking. The 5 year old contemplated just how John Paul Jones' large marble sarcophagus managed to be moved into the crypt, "Maybe they put it on wheels." 

John Paul Jones was buried with booze-in an iron coffin. When they opened him up, years later-he was perfectly preserved. Hmmm...
This is school!

We gave the wee town of Annapolis a run for her money. (and we dropped some serious money at The Big Cheese, a cute gourmet deli with gourmet prices-"Let them eat brie!")

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! xo

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