20 March 2012

out of the blue

Yesterday the nicest man came to my house driving a blue pick up truck. The boys were so excited to see this stranger arrive for he brought with him some fun blue lockers for them to stow all their stuff like socks and cleats and back packs and shin guards and Lego guys. As we he unloaded the big pieces of metal, I nonchalantly explained what I thought he must be thinking, "We school at home." He politely commented, "I know a lot of people who do that." I asked if he had children. "Yes, but she is grown and in college." As the boys ran around getting in his way, planning which locker was whose, where lockers were going, what was going to go in the lockers and taking turns locking themselves and one another in said lockers, he, the stranger in the blue truck reminded me: "Time goes so fast. It is something money can't buy." And for the rest of the day I thought about that. {Until the 8 year interrupted my "I am going to sit in my chair with my eyes closed to think sleep", and I snapped at him.}

After the stranger left, we managed to wrangle in a few short stints of school before the call of the outdoors won out and made the indoor book stuff pale in comparison to the adventure that led us into the wild. Listen to one of my favorite songs about such things.

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