26 March 2012

Don't you wish your weekend was hot like mine?

The official start to my weekend....
tequila+lemonade+green licorice=happy mama
...a trip to the used bookstore followed by Indian food...

...home to try out mama's new hand mill. Look at that flour! Fun for hours (I am only being a little sarcastic).

...whilst the littlest cuddled the dog...

...and a little worship. Our pastor is leaving on a trip to Haiti to work with Haitians who export mangoes. Haiti has 9 million mango trees!

...then the most divine yoga practice with a playlist that included Eddie Vedder. Perfection. 

And then there was this 
He is a little enthralled with this book called The Hunger Games
And how was your weekend?xo

1 comment:

Joli said...

What a beautiful life! I love it all from the licorice matching your nail polish to the delicious puppy and boy!