12 March 2012

Wendy & Charles

Wendy grows a variety of plants that she sells at the Farmer's Market. Her wild flowers are some of my favorites.

This past weekend we invited ourselves to my friend Wendy's house in the country. I am known to do that-invite myself places, especially when it means being around people who are super interesting and downright eccentric. 

Wendy is fascinating. She was born and raised in Wyoming and moved to D.C. after she was awarded a scholarship to American University where she studied economics. Charles, her husband, worked as an attorney for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.They reside on a lovely, large plot of land they call Persimmon Pond. 
This lime tree was brought back as a seedling from Costa Rica in 1989. Since then Charles has grown several trees from that one seedling. Look at it! And it's leaves smell amazing!

I met Wendy when I began working the local Farmer's Market. She's the Market Master which means she is in charge of who is allowed to sell their goods and wares at the market. Our boys have developed a sweet friendship with Charles, her husband, who accompanies her to the market. He is spry and wiley-like my boys. Last fall he invited them out to pick up some firewood {which they did with much excitement-especially since he gave them Mountain Dew}. Being there this weekend, I pointed out ways we could come back to help, you know because we have all these strong men, and they have all this land to care for and well, I just really want to get back out there. She has garden beds that she has tended for years. There is wildlife everywhere. 
The sheep that will be sheared soon. She spins their wool into yarn and sells that too!

To say it's picturesque is a trite understatement. I was enamored with her greenhouse, her sheep, her chickens, her pond, and all those birdhouses flocked with too-many-to-name species of birds. I both love the idea of her life and fear it. Jack noticed her book collection, "Mom, did you see the Guide to the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas?" Charles shared his wildlife photographs with us, showed off his pre-W.W.II gun {which the Mister was taken with}. They showed us their 1978 rancher which took me back to my childhood. 

Guess who took my camera?
They gave us all their camping equipment in the original boxes {circa 1950}as Charles commented, "You are taking away my childhood, but I am glad to see it go to a family who I know will appreciate it." We promised to enjoy those lanterns, stove, heaters and aluminum stands with zeal. I left inspired as I began planning our next visit to Persimmon Pond. 

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