31 August 2012

urban hiking

well, we are faced with a long weekend, friends. three glorious days with no agenda so we are packing up the family ride and taking the brothers utley to the city of brotherly love. 

pfff. it's a mere 3 hour's drive northward and en route we'll stop at one of my dreamed about places, terrain for lunch with a much needed siiiiiigh. o, it does make me swoon.

our hiking shoes will come in handy as we venture to independence hall, catch a glimpse of the liberty bell, run up the stairs of the philadelphia art museum {hmmm. i wonder if anyone else will be doing that? harry has been practicing.}, break our necks to view the dead sea scrolls, reminisce over trumpet of the swan as we stroll the philadelphia zoo {wonder if any of louis' great grand cynets are there}, hopefully find one of those amazing philly cheesesteak trucks my friend sarah told me to try. and sneak toward the apple store {which according to my calculations is only .5 mile from our hotel}.

all in all, i'd say we have a hike ahead of us. but a fun city hike as opposed to our usual trail. here's hoping your extra long weekend is extra great.


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