17 August 2012

anatomy of a fight

my boys fight. sometimes the Mister will say, "just hug and get it over with." he thinks that wrestling is a boy's way of hugging. somedays i can enjoy the love. other days-not so much. a couple of days ago the two youngest couldn't keep their hands off of one another so i grabbed my camera and commenced to documenting. 

{it doesn't help when the photog/mother can't stop laughing.}

i am exhausted just looking at this ONE example of the many altercations that happen in a given day. i must say the verbal bantering is more exhausting than the physical. with the oldest, he has entered into a new stage of development that we call the dialetic stage. he keeps me on my toes with his push back. and somedays i want to physically push him back-to when he wore a diaper and thought sucking on a pacifier was sublime. 

here's hoping your weekend is peace full. the Mister is taking the wildassmonkeys into the woods for some old fashioned exploring whilst i stay back for some old fashioned lesson planning. this is what we affectionately refer to as  inservice. a weekend for the headmistress to plan the school year. and i'll be planning {to drink some martinis} while i peruse all our books for the upcoming school year. wish me luck!

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