02 August 2012

now we are six

he's 6. my baby is six. i have enjoyed his babyhood longer than any of my other boys because he is our last. as long as i can possibly manage, i will hold him{against my chiropractor's strict advice}.
the other day while we were singing in church, he was in my arms, and it came to me. i am wringing this boy dry of all his babyhood. i am squeezing him tight and inhaling all of his sweetness for as long as i possibly can. i savor him in a way i didn't with the others. i didn't have the luxury like i do with him. 
when the others were little, there were even littler ones who needed me more. with him, he's the last one i can hold in my arms so for as long as i can possibly manage, i will.

good bye, five!

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