24 August 2012

vocab lesson

we haven't even officially started our school year, and my oldest is already working on his science vocabulary flashcards. my boy loves science. if science were a girl, i would be concerned about their relationship. 

speaking of vocab words, i am working on four for this school year. they are: calm, cultivate, glad and laugh. i figure if i can spend 180 days focusing on these four words, maybe we have a shot at having a worthwhile school year {with few casualities}. 

speaking of glad, here are the things that make me glad today...

1)the Mister phoned to say he was walking to the library to pick up  two gillian flynn novels for me

2)the younger boys' tutorial was delayed by a couple of weeks which gives me time to indulge in a couple more summer reads, right? isn't that providence?

3)the weekend is here. we are taking baby daddy for a quick hike to the catoctin furnace {the boys and i hiked there a few weeks ago. too gorgeous not to share with pops}.then we'll indulge in a dip in the creek {last time we saw a copperhead-don't tell my mom}.

4)with this unseasonably cool weather, we are having friends up to the cottage-on-the hill for dinner and then a street wide s'more fest in our backyard. chocolate and sticks and fire-in the dark. what more could you ask for?

and what are you glad for this glorious fabulous friday? kindly consider baking these delightful morsels. you will surely make someone very, very glad.


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