20 August 2012

good intentions

yoga has taught me many things. one of the most useful is setting an intention for my practice. this past weekend i did just that. i set an intention {and made a list}.
the Mister took all 4 boys to shenandoah state park for a 5 mile hike {my man is a rockstar} and an overnight stay at the swanky holiday inn. whilst the wildassmonkeys were away, i...

1.painted a set of shelves procured from a garage sale
2.organized the art cabinet
3.watched an episode of Sherlock on Netflix
4.dined on leftover{cold}pizza and popcorn
5.took the dog for a walk
6.planned the schedule for 4 boys for their academic year
7.read over the syllabus for the 8th grader {whilst chanting, "yes, he can. yes, he can."}
8.ordered the boy's alegra books for a mere $20
9.made lunch reservations at this sweet place for when we take the boys to Philly over Labor Day weekend
10.took a cat nap
11.managed to duct tape the cone back onto the dog who underwent a procedure last thursday and needs to wear said cone til his stitches heal
12.organized the bookshelves pulling the books the boys will be reading for the year {i still need to find animal farm and to kill a mockingbird}
13.planned science activities to coordinate with the year's curriculum
14.watched the pilot episode of Lost from 2004{yeah, i am soooo behind the times. it didn't grab me}.
thankfully not LOST
15.read through the 6 year old's reading/spelling curriculum {i hope i am courageous enough to implement it}
16.made myself a banana smoothie {to make up for the pizza/popcorn debauchery}
17.requested some audio books from the library {bay-o-wolf sounds so much funnier than beowulf}
18.reminded myself why i do what i do by rereading a few chapters of this book
19.drank copious amounts of caffeine {red bull-didn't like it} to stay awake
20.didn't leave the house except to run to staples for more school supplies {i have a problem}

it was a glorious, productive 24 hours. and the boys came home exhausted from their traipse in the woods.
good intentions satisfied

p.s.this is the list of a desperate woman who desires a little organization for an upcoming school year that is about to kick {her}arse otherwise don't expect to find me this productive-ever.

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