09 August 2012

sniffing glue and paper cuts

so there i was walking the aisles with my son helping him do what i love most, pick out office school supplies. he let me make exactly zero decisions. he chose the color of folders and what kind of box to get for his notecards. i suggested he color coordinate his folders to his notebooks which he allowed, but agreed in a way that made it sound like it was HIS idea {he does that a lot}. when the lady rang up the total i explained,  "and this is for just one of my children-and we homeschool." she could care less as she sold me a coupon for $10 that gave me 15% off. i spent 10 dollars to save $12. hmmm. sometimes i wish i knew  how to add.

i must have been a little delirious from sniffing the cute little bottles of elmer's or maybe it was the impulse purchase of those tiny lined notecards or that new paper smell because as we drove home i asked dreamily, "jack, aren't you so glad i am your mom?" um. i guess. "don't you just lie in bed at night with your eyes shut tight, giggling to yourself,'i have the best mom ever.'?" um. no. "well, do you ever fist pump the sky as you shout, 'my mom rocks!'?" never. "have you ever danced a little jig slash shook your heiny as you gleefully sing, 'my mom is wonderful'?" i don't dance, and mom i think the car in front of us thinks you are motioning to them so will you please stop?
i do crack myself up even if my son finds me annoying. after he unloaded the 40 pound box of paper {did i mention the discount?!} along with the folders, crate, boxes of notecards and other cool organizational materials such as the box of 100 file folders that are 100% recycled {but 100% not necessary}, i ecstatically watched as the boy began to label all of his stuff with labels that i supplied from my overflowing closet of office supplies{is this how mothers feel when they take their daughters to shop for diamonds because if so i have been missing out!!!} 
the front

the back
he then spent exactly 30 minutes designing his Latin notebook fonts for both front and back {honey, he IS YOUR SON AFTER ALL!!!} i tried to find a way to bust out the family embosser, but he refused. well, just as well. there's always the next one.

here's to an academically challenging, organizationally sound and hysterically fun{ny} school year. we might just decide that boarding school in pennsylvania is a great option for 9th grade after all. 


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