08 August 2012

he came. he saw. he left-exhausted.

this i can promise you. if you ever come visit us here at the cottage on the hill, your time will be well spent {code for we will run you ragged}. just ask GP {short for grandpapa}. 

he arrived on friday evening to this:
kipling is the cutest welcoming committee

the next day, he "worked" at the farmer's market.

he worked so hard that we gave him the afternoon "off" to go fishing.

what a guy! after an afternoon siesta, a lovely dinner with live music {from an elvis impersonator of all people} and some shut eye, it was sunday. time for church and then over to baltimore for a tour of Ft. McHenry, one of my favorite places.

we toured the place under the blazing sun. a hot day that only a spiked lemonade, some cold beer and  a few sierra mists could tame, so we stopped for drinks along the harbor and drove home for crab cakes {a must!}

before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to GP {code for GP getting the heck out of dodge}.

so you see, a trip to the wild- ass-monkey house is full of all kinds of excitement. and there are no breaks for the elderly. wink-wink. 
{no vist is complete without a sit-for-a-photo-in-the-swing}
we loved our visit, GP. come back soon. there is so much we didn't get to do.

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