05 September 2012

in sickness and in health

caring for others is a challenge. caring for others when you are convalescing is downright dreadful. add to that trying to school children, getting one ready for his science class, picking up a feisty dog from the kennel, foraging for food in a bare cupboard, carrying on while the Mister is out late doing something-and well, i hear the toll of those martyrdom bells ringing loudly. 

then you figure it out. you just keep moving. the laundry gets done by the helpful 13 year old. the dinner {of oatmeal pancakes with whipped cream and jam-we were out of syrup} dishes are done by the 11 year old with his trusty sidekick the 9 year old whilst the 6 year old rubs your back {ever so sweetly}. then the 11 year fetches the earbuds so that mama can sit on the sofa listening to npr while the brood plays a rousing game of monopoly that has one brother taking advantage of his trapdoor long johns {he calls his curtain} by showing his hiney to his cheering brothers. 

i must say it is rare i have clarity when i am not well. frustrated, "i don't have time for THIS." is usually how i tread. i loathe being sick. to slow down. to be okay with the lower management taking the reigns. "the dog will clean the floor. do i reeeeeally have to vacuum?" 

tonight i sat watching the boys play their father's ancient board game. teasing one another. fighting. encouraging, "don't cheat!" and laughing. hard. and i thought. these days. they are a'fleeting. how many more week nights will we have the luxury to sit listening to the radio, playing a board game? how many more week {or weekends} nights will there be the desire to play board games with siblings?

so for tonight as i look on and listen to the fighting and google specific rules of monopoly and break up a fist fight and laugh at the dancing booty, i decide this is a sweet, sweet time. it's fleeting. so in sickness or in health, i am going to enjoy it. 


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amanda said...

Yes and yes and yes again. Thank you for the perspective that I so easily lose. xoxo