02 February 2012

anthropologist: finding lovely

He's so cute in red and for $2.42, who can beat cute?

Okay. Okay. I can be such a hypocrite. Here I am telling you what a genius, Goodwill shopper I am finding furniture, outfitting my boys in Patagonia fleeces and coming across this little Kate Spade oilcloth bag. But when it comes to fun dishes and clever bake ware...

Animal print, oilcloth, Kate Spade and $4.

there's Anthropologie. The kind folks of this chic shop send me a super creative birthday card attached to a super great coupon for 15% off stuff. I go in to its pine floored, wonderland-Disney for grown up girls and swoon. I tell myself, "It's okay just to look". Lovely can be appreciated without being purchased. But sometimes, sometimes, you I want to purchase a little bit of lovely for your my cabinets and your my counters. When providence finds a few extra dollars in my thrifted wallet and a coupon has been sent my way, I journey to the land of lovely.

Saying I go into Anthropologie for the dishes is like a man saying he reads Playboy for the articles. Cue the eye rolling. I confess, I do love the clothes, but a 12$ mug is more likely to find it's way into my heart and home than a 298$ dress. That's just me and my thrifty ways, ya'll. And anyway, what am I am going to do with a dress? Hello, I have boys. And a dog. Muck boots and ponytails and the occasional pair of non-mom jeans are my staple. 

The last time I visited, here's what I got...

These make me happy every time I use them.

Rosemary+Mint=a happy girl friday takes away that wet dog smell.

I promise my coffee tastes better whenever I drink it out of this mug.

I also picked up these hair clips to pull my bangs back (getting bangs=bad decision).

Okay-I went a little crazy. I'll admit it. It was fun. And I did have that whopping 15% off coupon that needed using, riiiiight? Wink-wink. 

This sadly didn't make the cut (I did have a budget after all), but it would be perfect in my kitchen...you know for all those cookies I'll bake-wink-wink-for all that late night working you are doing...hello, Mister, are you reading this? Hint, Valentine's Day.

Here's to finding lovely in grand places and in Goodwill. xo

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