09 February 2012

wish you were here

Do you ever see a photograph of yourself and blank. "Where was this taken?" "Who is that standing next to me?" "What was I thinking wearing THAT outfit?"

No? Maybe it's just me. Thankfully, there are few photos taken of me where I ask the "Where" or  "Who" of the aforementioned questions. But being a mother I can look back at the ever changing boys in the photos and ask, "How can this boy be the same boy?"

Take this photograph. The boy in the striped shirt is now taller than me. The boy in the green shirt is now sporting green (yes, green) braces. The rascal climbing the fence/door, well, he is still into climbing and his ever-ready-red-shoed brother is still coming to his rescue. Some things change. Some things stay the same.
the 12 year old, Girl Friday, the 10 year old, the 8 year old and the 5 year old xo

Looking at this photo taken about 9 months ago-when the weather was warm-when the family was out for a walk around our downtown-reminds me that as a mother it is so hard to stay present, to be earnest in the excitement of the incidental. To slow down long enough for your kind Mister to snap a photo of the meanderings just so that 9 months later you can remember (or not remember) that warm May day around Mother's Day when your boys took you for a stroll around downtown as a little reminder that life is sweet and fast and fleeting.

May you enjoy your day. And be sure to take lots of photos! O, and you may want to label them. xo

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