20 February 2012

Truth or Dare

Working her Senior Living sudoku

Spending time with family can sometimes feel like a rousing game of Truth or Dare. There is lots of laughing, a little adventure and someone usually ends up getting really embarrassed. Such was the case this weekend when my dear sister and her lovely family came for a visit. 

Sister finds a little whimsy and tells us a story

Let me explain. My niece "Magnolia" (aged 17) is easily tortured by the whims and giddiness of her mother and aunt (me). My sister and I LOVE to dance (which we enjoy doing at the drop of a hat), we find ourselves in deep conversations with complete strangers(or taking them out to lunch which was the case this past weekend), we have a flair for funky fashion(finding a leopard vintage coat to wear around the tag sale til we decide to buy it) and a penchant for clever headbands (one of us wore one around a shop til several shoppers noticed and were convinced to buy one too). Hey, we have a good time. The teenager? Not so much. But I am convinced deep-deep-DEEEEEEEEP down, she really loves our mischief-making. Even if she is not aware of it. Kind of like playing Truth or Dare. You never know what the truth or dare will be, but in the end the adventure is a whole lot of fun. Or at least you try to convince yourself it is as you are running around outside in nothing but your skivvies (oopsie-maybe that's just me?)
Magnolia loves the camera
It was such a lovely family time. Eating. Laughing. Eye rolling. Dancing. Hugging. Cooking. Fire building. Game playing. 

Most of the photos show just the girls. So what of the boys? Unfortunately the 8 year old hurt his foot so that ruled out hiking, a jaunt around DC or even the snow tubing we were hoping. In the end they spent a quiet day at home with a quick lunch date with us in our little downtown at our favorite local eaterie-Cafe Nola.
Mags hearts art.

Thanks for coming, dear Sister and family! Sorry you spent most of your time on I-81 stuck in snow! xo

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