21 February 2012

Show and Tell

My friend Stephie once said, "We never outgrow our desire to have show and tell." She's so right! So consider this, my show and tell.

 the 12 year old's design: DON'T EAT ME

These cookie cutters were procured from Williams Sonoma. I have NEVER (as in ever) had good fortune when it comes to sugar cookie art. Until now. These open me up a world of possibilities. What this is is basically a dough version of letterpress or embossing. AND I heart letterpress and embossing. With these do-it-yourself cookie cutters, I can literally eat my words-whatever words I wish to imprint. I can be as sassy or sweet as I wish.
Speaking of sassy, I may or may not used some sassy words whilst I figured out how to best slide those little letters into the cookie press. Alas, the 12 year old came up with an ingenius way to maneuver the cookie cutter (he hails from a long line of engineers and inventors) and all was saved (including my dignity). So go out and get your own. You will thank me. 

p.s. The 8 year old planned on pressing "BITE ME" (he meant it literally)into his heart shaped cookies, but settled on "FROM HARRY"- and that's a good thing. They were for his class presentation. 

1 comment:

Melinda Speece said...

If I had a box of these, I would admire them a great and, then, eat all of them. Right now.