06 February 2012

scattered stories: the theme of the weekend

It started off really simple: Beer+pizza=good beginning to the weekend. Add in a little baking: banana chia bread=bliss. I sure do love when a recipe that I try jury rig turns out to be delicious (and healthy). I can only guess that it was delicious because my brood of boys took down two loaves of the stuff in two days leaving this girl friday with nothing but a crumb. 

The Mister took advantage of the cool Saturday morning for a 6am 10 mile run along the C&0 canal. I shooed away the gray day by: having coffee with a friend, going to yoga, finding some rollerskates for the 12 year old (which he wore nearly all weekend long)-so necessary for our very serious boy.

Doing the dishes on wheels

A little snow came (not enough to sled, but enough for the boys to make crime scenes with the neighbors-don't.ask.) Reading. Fire building. Laughing. Spent a few hours looking through old photos. Then things got sad when I came upon some of me and Phillis. Such a sweet girl. And seeing the ones from our days of living in Tennessee made me ever so homesick. Goodness, I will always be a Tennessee girl. 

The snow was beautiful, but short lived.

The melancholy lingered as I Skyped with my Dad on Sunday. So fun to see my Dad giddy over technology. So many changes he has seen in his lifetime when it comes to technology. It must be shocking to take in at times. I know it is for me. 
At some point my boys decided it is perfectly acceptable to wear their clothes backwards.

I have to say, if I seem a bit distracted it is because there are so many things that have my attention right now. My friend lost her baby from a miscarriage. Devastating. Another friend lost her Grandmother. Bittersweet. Another friend is literally watching her mother diminish breath by breath. Anguish. Seeing old photos of my boys. Nostalgic. Reading a new book about the Amish. Hopeful. Anticipating a visit with my sweet sister and her family. Excited. Missing my two close girl friends. Homesick. Enjoying where we are. Satisfied? Missing where we came from. Always. Is this how Sophie felt in Sophie's Choice? Amish vs Nazi? Wait, what? My thoughts wander about like a James Joyce novel. I am sure you know what I mean (especially if you are of the female gender). 

Perhaps this means I am ready for the week to start so that we can begin anew. In the end, there is always: "Omina per ipsum facta sunt" all things were made through Him. There is rest in that. Even if I can't think clearly to remember it.

Is it wrong to read a book about the Amish whilst sipping on wine?


Dianne said...

great post...

Melinda Speece said...

Comments, hurrah!

zodlounge said...

I'll give Arianna a hug for you!! Going to see her today. Tell Jack I'm gonna race him on those roller skates!!!!