15 February 2012

Fairy Godmothers

Dear George, 
You have to stop telling everyone that you have 3 mommies. It just sounds strange, honey. Most children don't have 3 mommies. Most have 1. Some have 2. But 3? It just sounds like you are showing off, baby boy. And nobody likes a show off. 

Someday you will understand WHY you have 3 mommies. One day you will hear the story about when I went over to Auntie Beth's and cried as I told her you were coming. You will hear how Auntie Wallis kept our family fed while I was down and out with horrible back pain from carrying around your sorry ass even though she was pregnant with her 3rd baby. 

You have heard about the surprise baby shower these rascals threw for me. You spent the first 3 years of your life eating every Friday night dinner with these mommies and their families. Someday I will show you all of the notes they wrote to me when we found out we were moving 800 miles away. 

I hope you have friends like these: confidantes with whom you share more details of your sinful life than your spouse would like, chums whose homes feel more like your own. I pray you have comrades in your life who can love you enough to piss you off with their brutal honesty and who will greet you at the door with the perfect cocktail made just like you like it. It is my deepest desire for you to have people in your life whose presence brings such joy and whose absence does not make the heart grow fonder.  

Dear boy, you have 3 mommies because there was so much of you to love it spilled over into the lives of these 2 other women, who are your fairy godmothers. You are one lucky boy. Most little boys only have 1 mommy. You are fortunate enough to have 3. 
But seriously stop telling people you have 3 mommies. THAT just sounds weird.
I love you impossible.
Mommy #1

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