07 February 2012

caught on film

i came across this seemingly insignificant photograph this past weekend. it was taken a few months back when my soul sistas were in town visiting from nashville. 

o, friends. this photograph sums up all that is right in the my world. friends. family. wine. good food. books. and laughter. pure happiness.

sure it has blurry faces. a messy table. dirty dishes. it has me speaking mid sentence (as most photos of me do-"hurry, take the photo" is how i usually chide the photographer who is usually my Mister). but it has so much more.

this photograph is one worth savoring-like the homemade pizza we had for dinner. or the bottle of petite shirah we shared. or the chocolate we nibbled. or the amazing books given to us. or the hugs from arms that live 800 miles away. this. this is the life! 

if you look closely you see a woman who adores my boy deeply-bringing him a game she knows he will find both fun and challenging. do you notice a 12 year old's glee from reading a funny drawing sketched just for him? there is an 8 year old calmly-silently{rare}studying a book that was hand selected with him in mind-something that clearly holds his interest. the 5 year old is perched on my chair-where he finds himself every.night. after. dinner. every.night. this photograph is captured bliss. it is ordinary, and it is extraordinary.

don't shy away from life, dear friends. embrace those unruly portrayals of your life captured on film (less face it, who still uses film?) don't delete those shots of you with your eyes closed. don't pass over those simple snapshots of ordinary. for in the ordinary is often the sacred. and this photograph is sacred to me.

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Joel and Katie said...

How fun to see you three girls in this pic!!