23 January 2012

Weekend Revelry

After becoming bored from the fast hill, why not add a jump?

We had a lovely weekend filled with snow (they said it was coming, and it did!), some killer slow cook bar-beque ribs (I am a good wife! recipe here),  a little dog snuggling, fire making (boys+hatchet=good kindling), a few gin and tonics (I am a really good wife), some epic sledding, a little 12 year old french fry making and a dip in the neighbor's hot tub. I sat in my chair and read and listened to the choir of laughter from the next room as the Mister introduced the boys to Young Frankenstein. It all felt deeply decadent, really. But o, so necessary. It seemed like the world just slowed, and we were able to enjoy every drop of our 48 hours of weekend-ness. Don't you love when your days pass slowly and effortlessly? For us it may be because our boys ate most of their meals at the neighbor's.

Here is a little clip from our sledding mishap. Please don't judge. We really do love our kids. And yes, that is the sound of the older brother warning, "That's the most dangerous sled we have!" Two words. Too. Late. No trees were harmed in the making of this movie.No kids either. Thank The Lord!

Here's hoping your weekend was equally relaxing. xo

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