31 January 2012

Frisky Business

Kipling and Phillis: an unlikely friendship

If animals had obituaries, her's would read:

January 30. 2012. Phillis, once from Tennessee, was a holland lop. She died early this morning, in a suburb of Washington, DC, of unknown causes with her beloved family by her side. She was especially loved by a 12 year old boy who affectionately named her after Phillis Wheatley, the first African American writer.

Phillis received special training to come on command with rewards of banana pieces. Her hobbies included hopping around the kitchen and under the feet of whomever happened to be present. She received outstanding honors in the areas of litter box training and compost development. She was highly skilled in the area of nudging her owner's feet in hopes of more carrots. She was awarded the medal of honor for "Cutest Cuddle Bunny Ever" and "Snugglest Companion" 3 straight years in a row. High marks were given to her in the area of self defense: thumping loudly and occasionally nipping with her sharp teeth. 

Despite their unlikely kinship, she was best friends with a 5 month old labradoodle who loved to chase her. She enjoyed jumping on his back. 

Phillis, who never met a stranger, is survived by her nurturing family and loving doggie brother. She will be missed. In the words of Clare Turlay Newberry, "A bunny's a delightful habit. No homes complete without a rabbit." Rest in peace, dear baby girl. May you find greener hills to climb and explore. 

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