02 January 2012

Thank you. Come again.

Today I entertained a workman who came to fix the furnace, went to yoga, tried not to peek at Facebook (I am taking a hiatus), painted my nails-dark purple (see previous post), made a simple dinner of coconut milk/spelt pancakes for some cute boys, found a few thrifted treasures, called one of my best friends, finished a cup of hot coffee (the operative word is hot), enjoyed our clean dog (who the boys bathed!!!), encouraged the oldest to finish the laundry,  tried to train the dog not to chew the shoes, drank some delicious red wine, ate some even more delicious dark chocolate, watched a few episodes (okay an entire 6 episodes) of Portlandia, observed the dog almost maneuver a door knob (he's a genuis!), made snarky comments about my husband's running tights (or maybe i just thought about it), wrapped birthday gifts for some of my favorite girlies who are (almost) 10 and under, bought a pair of tap shoes, watched the 10 year old demonstrate how to make a radio with some basic circuits, fussed at the 12 year old for not finishing the laundry, snuggled the dog, washed my hair (and blow dried it!!!), removed 5 pairs of shoes from the dog's jaws, brushed the 5 year old's teeth, did nothing in the way of preparing for school, glazed over as the 10 year old showed off his vintage game console, delighted in Daddy/boy story time (Across Five Aprils),  watched a 5 year old wrestle a 4 month old-dog, listened to the 8 year old tell me the Beatles t-shirt is his favorite as he proceeded to wear it again, threw  tucked 4 boys into bed with a cuddle, cradle, kiss. And collapsed into bed. Tomorrow promises to be busier. School starts back! 

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