30 January 2012

I know you are, but what am I?

you may be a mother if…

your bookshelf looks like this

your kid sneezes, and your instinct is to give him your sleeve rather than a tissue

you happily eat the leftovers off your child's plate, and call it lunch

you want to throw your child across the room one minute, and hold him close the next

you walk down the diaper aisle at the supermarket just to smell that "baby" smell (or maybe that's just me?)

you find it difficult to part with certain articles of clothing despite the holes that have gathered from 4 boy-wears

you call the dog the child's name, and you call the child the dog's name

you find Legos in your Bible, and you leave them there

you can count the sleepless nights-in years

there are always snacks in your handbag

your handbag looks more like carry on luggage

you leave the house with some ufo (unidentified food object) on your shirt-and you go with it

you have a first aid kit in your car

you bite nibble your child because he is so yummy, and you want to eat him alive because you are so enraged

no matter where you are, you mentally map out the quickest route to the e.r. (maybe that's just me?)

when cereal is served as dinner, no one makes a fuss the crowd goes wild

you can't wait for the kid to go to bed, but once he's tucked in you miss him

your jewelry box looks like this

you spend hours writing your kids' quips on Facebook blogging just so you can prove remember what a great happy mother you are!  

yours truly,
girl friday xo

p.s. and if you aren't a mother, you really should try it out. you just might like it. 

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