26 June 2012

right now

{i borrowed this idea from one of my favorite places.}

right now i am...

:thinking of my niece magnolia as she flies to haiti to help build an orphanage

:adding up all the medical bills from this past week's dental excursions, x-rays etc

:praising we have the money to pay for all our medical bills

:enjoying an unseasonably cool day. today's high is 79!

:mourning the news of a friend's husband's sudden death

:enjoying a little household quiet since two boys are at camp whilst the other two recoup from dental procedures

:thanking the dog for sitting content with his bone so i can sit for a moment

:thinking of all the millions of details that need tending to before we leave for our big,fat southern vacation

:getting excited to send the boys off to cousins camp this weekend

:planning to have a few days with the littlest-just him and me

:feeling nervous about the littlest's CAT scan tomorrow

:thinking it's probably nothing

:crushing on sufjan stevens on pandora

:anticipating an afternoon of fishing with two avid fishermen

:recalling my childhood spent fishing in our little pond 

:sneaking away to the gym since i slept through my 5 am wake up call 

:remembering i have two more chapters to finish before tonight's book club

:craving a banana shake, but will satisfy the craving with a milk/banana blend instead. so good!

:planning our next summertime alfresco meal. tonight? tonight!
what about you?

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