15 June 2012

a good man is hard to find

Dear Mister,
It took me a while before I understood why providence awarded us four boys to raise. All boys. And then I realized it was because I married a man who was specifically gifted to raise future men who would honor their wives, enjoy their children and serve their community. Our boys have seen this in practice by you, dear husband.
You have heard me say, all of our boys' goodness comes from you {and a few of their idiosyncrasies}. You're the one who has patiently rubbed achy legs until our second born fell asleep. You are the one who can track with the oldest's love for tech and trees.
Never one to shy away from fully letting yourself enjoy who your boys are: good and bad. That must be why they love being with you. 
I know you always wanted a daughter. And you would've been a tender father to a girl. I can see it in the way you enjoy our friends' girls, but you are raising boys who will love girls-and love them well.
Have I told you enough how much I appreciate how you work tirelessly to keep us not just for today, but for tomorrow and the next day? Well, I do. And I tell your boys often how blessed we are to have you steering our ship.
I can see your tenderness in our boys, your kindness and your innate ability to converse happily with a stranger. Their insatiable curiosities and taste of music comes mostly from you as well. Their amazing dance skills, however, are all from me, darling. Sorry.
I knew when we married almost 17 years ago that you would be a good father, but you have surprised me by how great you are at fathering. You were made for it. And I am the lucky one who gets to reap the reward.
Thank you for loving us well and giving us your best! Your boys are fortunate as am I.
Your patience kicks in long after mine is lost. You push the boys to go the distance-figuratively and literally. I tell our boys, "to whom much is given much is expected." And you have given much.

So thanks, sweet man. You are a good man.
We love you lots. Happy Father's Day. I hope you enjoy the flying lessons you picked out for yourself. 

P.S. A sweet Happy Father's Day to my own Daddy for whom we named our second son. If that isn't the gift that keeps on giving, I don't know what is. 

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