07 June 2012

great south!

you might be in the south if...

you hear a women's whole life story before hearing her first name

the hymn old rugged cross is playing on a sunday at the state park

you have aunts who aren't really your aunt
we call her "fake Aunt Laura"
adults find it's acceptable for children to drive

you get to love on babies with a monogram pacifier clip
fishing is considered a sport

the chiggers are plentiful {george's bum proves this, but i'll spare you the photographic evidence}

the lollipops have bacon
a dance at a wedding turns from break dancing to square dancing just.like.that.
notice George is still in the splits

restaurants serve grits and fried chicken on their {enormous!}buffet

goodness me i sure do miss the south! 

p.s. speaking of the south, if you happen to live in madison, chester or henderson county {in west tennessee}, please vote for dale conder for circuit court judge. he is a man of exemplary character {and impeccable taste- he's married to my bff}. xo gf