19 June 2012

Help Wanted

{This morning my darling husband sent me a link to an au pair agency. It has been 13 years now of parenting. While most of our friends have dropped their little ones off at Mother's Day Out, Preschool, public school, we have not. While some of our friends have regular help, live-in help, families who chip in to watch their children, we have always just taken care of our own and often other people's children. And frankly, I am quite tired. The cracks are starting to show, and I am pretty desperate as is my Mister. So today I sat down to draft this classifieds ad as my brood of boys drug out their earthly belongings onto the front lawn in hopes of having their own impromptu garage sale.}

Mother of 4 well-behaved {mostly} boys aged 13 years-5 years seeks the assistance of a younger version of herself-someone who has the energy to pursue their interests at the pool, nature park, library, home, and movies whilst she has a moment to herself. 

You must be comfortable caring for the boys sans television and have the ability to discipline when needed. We would love to have someone to also care for the boys overnight so that the mother and her Mister may have an occasional night away from their darling sons.

Monitoring the boys as they pick up their belongings and work on their schoolwork are also part of the job description.  {i.e. the Mother doesn't want to come home to a house that has been trashed and lads playing on their handheld gadgets.}

Must be comfortable around a sweet dog and be a nonsmoker.  Superpowers aren't necessary, but would be helpful. 

Position to begin immediately upon completion of an interview as well as an outdoor obstacle course. 

A generous wage will be offered! We are hoping for 10-20 hours per week beginning in June and lasting til the youngest graduates high school.

Thank you for your consideration,
Girl Friday

{If you know of anyone, seriously, let me know!}


Ariana said...

This was me, 10 years ago. Super nanny! Alas, time and children have also squeezed the energy out of me. Good luck!

Amanda Mizeur said...

I asked Jeff if I could quit selling beer and take care of your monkeys, instead. He said no.