21 June 2012

Dear Sister

auntie d with george
everyone has their secrets. mine is my sister, donna. she has given me invaluable advice like just because you are going to prom doesn't mean you should wear sequins. i have watched her graciously host a few soirees effortlessly {as i sit in the corner taking copious notes}. she was the one who convinced me i should change my major in college right before i met with my advisor who was the head of the department which resulted in a transfer from a small, private all girls college to a huge, state school. you could say my sister is kind of a big deal. and today is her birthday. she is a smashing none-of-your-business-but-if-you-knew-you-wouldn't-believe-it-years old.

my sister loves a good handwritten, heartfelt card. me being the dead beat that i am decided to just write a blogpost. i'll call it "ode to donna". now to get her to turn on her computer to read it. here goes...

dearest sister.
remember that time you visited me at college and someone mistook you for my mother? that was hilarious. you didn't think so. but then recently two of my friends ran into you and thought you were me so who had the last laugh? remember that time you bought me and my boyfriend booze? that was so bad, but thanks. those wine coolers were tasty. remember that time i spilled clear nail polish down the arm of your newly recovered newlywed sofa? you were so great. you didn't even yell at me. and you let me crash on that sofa many a night when i needed a place to stay. remember that time i wanted to live with you because our parents were trying to decide whether they wanted to stay married? you were so kind to offer me your guest bedroom in your tiny memphis apartment. speaking of memphis, remember all those concerts at mud island? those were so much fun. remember that time you brought home that boy and i sat in between the two of you with old photo albums? that was so funny. i think that was the first time i saw you seething angry.

you have taught me how to laugh by not taking myself too seriously. how many times have we wet our pants from laughing too hard? funny back then. now that we are getting older, not so much. 

i love/hate how you know people everywhere. your husband is right. you are like the mayor. you asked me to be the godmother to your firstborn, and i returned the favor. my boys know you love them deeply. just yesterday george said, "joseph's mom is so fun. she took us to sonic." to which i said, "you mean aunt donna?" 
you have consistently surprised me with your fervor for truth and authenticity and you love jesus when nobody is looking. i love that about you. something else i love about you is you are a fighter. a fighter for relationships. a fighter for love. you mess up, and you own it. so thanks for that. i also love that even when you meet a person in need you go out of your way to help them even when it isn't convenient. how many homeless people have you given a ride or taken for a meal, sat with to listen to their story and offered a prayer or forgiven when they stole not one, but both of your cars and wrecked one? 

i take full credit for your dance moves even though you were born, ahem, a few years before me. i miss our thanksgiving dance fests. can we have one the next time i am home?

hey, thanks for letting me copy you and not complaining. thank you for letting me borrow your clothes when you were away at college {even though i didn't ask and you probably didn't know}. thanks for loving me and my younger-sister-selfish-ways and being patient as i realized it. i would not have made a good older sister. i am too impatient and easily forgetful, but not you. you are a gem and our father's favorite. he told me what he is giving you for your birthday, and i totally flipped out then he reminded me that he bought me a new camera and i backed down. i have said this before, i am so thankful we have each other in light of how crazy our family is {but crazy breeds character and we got a lot of that so that's good}.
we are lucky to have you! you make the world a more beautiful place. i cannot wait to see how you continue to flourish as the lord continues to grow you into the person he made you to be. here's to many more years of enjoying a life well lived, standing on god's promises and never ever giving up. 

i love you, thelma! xo

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