06 June 2012


i think it was my friend betsy who first started me saying the word glad. you know how over time you pick up the nuances of a close friend? i love that-seeing the influences of friendship in my life as i adopt words and gestures taught to me by someone who has literally rubbed off on me. 
that is the word that best describes how i felt in seeing friends last week-glad. a much needed rubbing off.
seeing these photos make me feel...

a. Experiencing or exhibiting joy and pleasure.
b. Appreciative: was glad of the fire's warmth.
2. Providing joy and pleasure: a glad occasion.
3. Very willing; pleased: glad to help.
4. Bright and cheerful: a glad May morning.
5. Archaic Having a naturally cheerful disposition.

 here's why...
a reason to have some fun cups

grandpapa who braved the heat and aunt cissy who laughs

ariana who brought the babes and the beer

seeing these two high school friends reconnect

these kids i love like they're my own

these women who are my heart

family who shows up

a Mister who plays

a milk and cookie toast

sisters to my boys {maybe a future wife?}

a profound friendship between a boy and his dad

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