12 June 2012

bread, bread, bread

i love baking. i love kids. put the two together and it's the making for a delightful {albeit chaotic} afternoon. 

a group of our homies {cool name for homeschoolers} came to the hillside cottage for a lesson on milling {yeah, they yawned at first too} and tortilla making. once i switched on the mill those little darlings sat rapt with excitement {seriously}. 
then we made our tortilla dough. hello, fun and tasty play doh. several of those darling, creative {dare i say brilliant} kiddos fashioned their lumps of dough into dinosaurs, hearts and the melted face of Darth Vader with an honorable mention to the lizard guy and the polka dotted tortilla. 

the kids ate up these tasty morsels {the moms did too}. wonder how many homes will be enjoying these easy, fun little flatbreads?

until next time, heat up the cast iron skillet....xo gf

fancy a homemade tortilla? here's how:

3 cups of flour {i used a little fresh milled whole wheat pastry and all purpose}
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp salt
{i toss in some flavors: garlic powder OR cumin OR curry-to spice things up a bit}
3/4 cup shortening {i don't keep that on hand so you can substitute butter or oil}
3/4 cup hot water

{makes about 12 tortillas depending on size and design}

mix the ingredients and let set for an hour. we were too impatient so we went ahead and rolled ours out and tossed them into a hot, oiled cast iron skillet. 
get 'em while they're hot. 

I highly recommend this simple picture book! Bread is indeed a universal food. 

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