21 May 2012

running with shearers

shearers of yore-can you imagine how difficult it must've been?
We were invited to watch a sheep shearing. My friend Wendy of Persimmon Pond has 4 sheep. She harvests their wool once a year to spin into yarn that she sells at the local farmer's market.

Ruthie's, {the sheep} shearing went great. Then the little boys decide to run her and Cracker Jack {her BFF} around. Not. Good. I am still traumatized. Maybe you know this. We did not. It is never a good idea to chase a sheep. And they are herd animals and must be with at least one other sheep. Double yikes!

Much better
Fortunately our host and hostess were incredibly understanding. And Ruthie recovered just fine. 

Before: Ruthie and Cracker Jack

I told the Sheep Shearers, who are second generation shearers, they should call themselves the Sheep Spa. Whilst the husband sheared the sheep, his wife clipped their hooves and dewormed them. If that isn't getting the treatment, then what is? 
The wool came off in one big sheet. 

All's well, that ends well.
Yours truly {a wanna be farmer},
 Girl Friday xo

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