01 May 2012

pardon et moi, s'il vous plaît

i have invited 2 strangers to live with us for the next 3 days. to clarify, they are french speaking strangers. from france. the country. and they arrive today.
 i do not speak french. two of my boys remember a few phrases and words from a little french class they took with a sweet friend of ours years ago. besides that, well. let's just say the next 3 days are going to be...interesting. for this reason, i will be stepping away from my post as girl friday for a few days in order to play hostess to andre and clement {two french men-geez! i am destined to run a home for boys!!!}so today we will be tidying bedrooms, cleaning scrubbing bathrooms and shining up on our american {southern} hospitality. i thought about taking a crack at making authentic croissants {even laughed at the idea of popping open a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls}. in the end, our new friends are coming to america to have an american experience so american cuisine they shall have whilst staying at the Girl Friday b&b. i cannot wait to tell you all about it! until then, wish me luck---and merci beaucoup! xo

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