18 May 2012

rest stop

yesterday the 5 year old asked me to play legos with him. i must confess, there were other things i needed/wanted to do, but i left what i was doing to sit with my boy in the late afternoon sun. when it comes to legos, my creativity wanes, but just sitting with him was all he wanted. as i neglected my to do list, i realized, there is a time for play. so i sat and played. a rest stop in the midst of a busy day.
after legos, it was time for dinner. second helpings of red velvet cupcakes fueled "all hands on deck" and "many hands make light work". with our floors swept and dishes cleaned and put away, we enjoyed another rest stop as we sat together looking at old pictures, musing over comic books and wrestling with the dog. 
in our family, we work hard so that we can enjoy our rest/play fully. there is a time for work. there is a time for rest. 
i hope your weekend is wrought with rest. today we are going to enjoy a hayride through the vineyard and check out a honey bee hive at our favorite blueberry hill. fingers crossed no one gets stung. tomorrow the teenager and i are going to luckett's spring market. {i'll miss you, cari, catherine and lauren} can.hardly.wait. xo

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Catherine said...

I'm SO SAD to be missing the market! And mostly I'm sad to miss the time spent with you. Much love! And happy shopping!