07 May 2012

I found my thrill...

The single most surprising aspect of living in Maryland is the number of working farms within a few miles of where we live. It's been 3 years, and I am still surprised by all the "green space". It is astounding really. And so awe inspiring. Recently we were invited out to a new friend's farm called Blueberry Hill. This place is magic. Driving through the tree lined gravel road up to their house, I fell in love. Here's why.

We groomed horses. The kids had a contest to see who could paint the most intimidating war horses {like the Native Americans}. We learned about poultry: broody hens, candling eggs, and Guinea flocks. The children delighted in a game of clothespin tag. I cannot wait to go back for a lesson on honey bees and blueberry picking. And next time, we're planning on visiting the neighbors-Black Ankle Vineyards. Cannot wait! xo

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