10 May 2012

mama's little helper

the other day a few of us moms were sitting around talking about things like: husbands who  abuse their wives, babies who die before they're born and the proper length of a teenage girl's shorts when she is working at a camp serving disabled adults- you know the typical girlfriend chat-when one of my friends mentioned "taking supplements". i said, "yeah, i have a little flask i keep in my handbag to take 'my supplements'." anyone who spends more than 2 minutes with me, knows that i can weave a little booze humor into any and all topics of conversation. lest you think i am crying out for help {which i am, but not that kind of help}, let me tell you-when it comes to consuming an adult beverage, i am ALL TALK and no drink {well, a little drink, every once in a while-but just one otherwise you'll find me passed out-not cute}. so anyway chatting about my flask reminded me of my darling niece rachel who just had her first baby a few months back. she knew she was having a girl so when i went to pick out her baby gift, i took a little detour from her gift registry and decided on the most darling pink paisley flask you have ever seen. small enough to fit into her diaper bag-and a whole lot more useful than a diaper genie. how's that for a mama's little helper? happy first mother's day, my darling niece. may you drink and diaper responsibly. xo
rachel & hadley 

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