18 July 2012

swimming upstream: part 2

driving around the south on our BIG FAT SOUTHERN ADVENTURE we had a couple of days to dilly dally so we drove over to one of our favorite cities in tennessee, chattanooga. we never bothered to visit the tennessee aquarium when we lived right up the road. it took us moving close to 1000 miles away to prompt us to make the trek. we like to do things the hard way. swim upstream if you will. and i am happy to say, it was worth the swim drive. 
my sister once described her trip to this awe inspiring two tiered aquatics adventure land, "I wept seeing all of God's amazing creatures." even though i was never brought to tears, i was overwhelmed and overjoyed to be able to spend the day visiting with creatures of the saltwater and freshwater persuasion. 
petting the rays and sharks

a question from the audience

happy to volunteer
hearing live music {a man and his fiddle} in the freshwater, river section was just what this southern girl needed. seeing all the jelly fish {ahem sharks!}, made for the perfect lead in to our next stop, the beach.

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