09 July 2012

postcards from the edge

girl friday here reporting from the road. over the past few days we have driven maryland-west virginia-virginia-tennessee-alabama-georgia-tennessee-georgia-alabama-florida. it has been wild and wonderful. we hugged cousins at our 49th annual family reunion. we touched sharks and stingrays at the tennessee aquarium. we reminisced with best college buddies on the steps of their new digs. we rendezvoused at the beach with cousins.
taking tired to a whole new level
my hands have been super busy with washing dishes, hugging babies, making food, digging sandcastles, holding a book, shaking hands of new friends, wiping away tears, telling stories with emphasis, paddling through the water, cradling boys, applying copious amounts of sunscreen, holding a beer {or a margarita}, waving hello {and ultimately goodbye}, high-fiving and scolding. and not typing on a keyboard. 
while his cousins chatted loudly around him,he lost his fight  of exhaustion brought on by sun and surf.
when we left a week ago i thought i could manage to type from the road, but now i see i can't manage a keyboard and a kayak paddle so for now this is girl friday signing off. i'll be back once our big, fat southern adventure ends to tell you in detail all about our extraordinary visit to the mother country. until then, chow. i mean ciao!
xo gf
siblings swinging at the farm in harvest
p.s. happiest of birthdays to aunt cissy!!!! we love you so much. thanks for taking good care of my Mister when he was a little boy and taking good care of us now. you are super great. 

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