20 July 2012

delightful detours: part 4

{this concludes my 4 part share of our BIG FAT SOUTHERN ADVENTURE. i sure hope it was worth your read. look for outtakes next week.}

we have been meaning to see a few of our favorite people in the world. meaning to, for like 3 years! we moved. they moved. and the miles seemed to stretch between us. even though we keep up through email, text and the ocasional phone chat, there is nothing like that face to face, neck hugging that you get when you make a visit- a real visit.
this past week we were en route to places around the south and had a few extra days to drive a little out of the way to see some of the people who we have known forever!
the carmichaels were in our wedding. we were in theirs. i introduced mr. speece to mrs. speece. and the wards are our wily epps cousins that i told you about here. we have been dying to get a glimpse of their amazing farm {and i do not use the word amazing lightly}.

so here's how it went down...

stop one: the carmichael manse

yeah, you counted right. that's 9 boys!
the mess hall, literally
who'd thought these two young girls would be mothers to 9 boys {and counting!!!}

stop 2: the speece school
headmistress melinda took us to pick figs

Stop 3: an undisclosed location in the mountains of north carolina

george holding "sunday dinner". yeah. 
you heard me.

our visits were sweet and short. too short. i hope we find ourselves in rural alabama and the gorgeous north carolina mountains sooner rather than later. thanks, sweet friends and cousins for your gracious hospitality. you made that long drive bearable. 
xo gf


Melinda Speece said...

Our pleasure. I feel famous.

Susan Ward said...

Great tribute. Sort of wish you warned me though I would have dried my hair! We loved the Utley visit and look forward to the next one!