24 July 2012

family feud

superbilly knighting cousin brian
i had a few more things to add to last week's post about our family reunion. there is so much to include when writing about such an extraordinary family. one of the most fabulous aspects to this family is how they quarrel. case in point, we were sitting around having a cousin club meeting pontificating on t-shirt designs and whether we should fly in the panoramic photographer from alaska like we did for the 40th year reunion when someone asked about cousin liz. "hey, charlie. where's beau {liz's husband}?" "o, he and liz are no longer married, but beau's still family. we'll get him to teach the kids to sign the star spangled banner."
and scene. 

here are a few of the photographs from the second reel of family reunion pics
harry not certain he's happy to see us.
o, wait he hasn't slept in 3 days.

thomas' cotton candy smile

betty, who is 82, riding the 300 ft zipline 

our fearless leader,
cousin club president t.sue

he missed his bubby
my aunt came for the first time

cousin chip made it a business trip
this was my mom's first year to come.
she's already planning to come next year!

gf {who is not currently feuding with anyone}

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