25 July 2012

car trouble

{girl friday, here. it was a slow day today. well, actually that is quite the opposite. it was a heck of a hectic day which is why i am cutting this post short and sweet. the brood of boys that are in my care spent their morning and afternoon learning latin declensions and writing poignant papers with their homeschool homies {go, alliteration} as we parents sat in our teacher training for the day {and by day i meant from 9-4}. excuse me while i collapse. we get to go back 2 more days. those latin sentences were killer, but i have never been more convinced that do-it-yourself-schooling is the trajectory for our family.}
if you were going to drive 2560 miles over the course of 2 weeks with 4 kids what would you expect to see in the back seat? kids who compete over who can balance a water bottle on his head longer? i didn't see that coming. kids who notice the subtle images in the dazzling clouds? it was majestic. kids who get out of their seat belts in order to wrestle with their littlest brother? well...all i could keep thinking was, "they didn't have seat belts when i was little and look how well i turned out." 

with their muscles pumping and their snack bags flowing, we kept ourselves amused with books on cd {the secret garden: summer reading+car time=multitasking}. the Mister finished reading aloud the Two Towers, so we were able to view a flick in the car as well. i love listening to a good movie {i drove 96.2 percent of the entire trip}. and there was that wonderful stroll down 70's music row in which i knew all the lyrics to a styx song. blank stares.
i still can't believe we drove all around the south east, visiting 8 states, stopping in on 4 families, managing to sandwich in a family vacation and made it back to maryland without a speeding ticket, any car trouble, no bloodshed {of the scuffle variety}, no problems with directions, little arguing {mostly between me and my Mister-did i mention i drove most of the way? yeah, there's a reason for that.}

gf who prefers to be behind the wheel 

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