19 April 2012

souls and stuff

Long before boys and a husband and houses of my own, an older mother challenged me to make a decision. Did I wish my future home to be a showplace or workplace-meaning did I wish to have a place that was simply beautiful and perfect albiet cold and lifeless or did I want a place of authenticity and community. The decision was simple, but not easy because order and loveliness don't pair well with boys and real life. In my heart of hearts I want something that looks like it could be found in the pages of a magazine-clean, organized, lovely. I have tried for it. But in the end, I have failed. And in the failing, I remind myself "My boys are eternal. This stuff is not." With every stain, mishap, loss of something pretty, I have had to remind myself {sometimes fighting anger or tears} that souls are more important than stuff. I preach it to my children. I preach it to myself. But still I ask, "Is is wrong for me to desire a place of {organized}beauty that can also be a haven for my household?" Can an orderly house also experience grandiose laughter and folly? Can my idea of beauty {that has changed after having 4 boys and a dog} match my desire to have a home that is welcoming and comfortable to all who walk through our front door?
the kitchen sink: aka my office {at least it has a view}

I call this "The Room Goodwill Built"
I think so.

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