04 April 2012

ode to the green shorts:thank you for your service to our family

If these shorts could talk, they would speak of hiking trails and drips of ice cream. They would sigh over temper tantrums and tears. They have climbed many trees and have been on the back of a bike or 4. The pockets have been a place to store sand and stones, favorite Lego minifigs and discarded candy wrappers. Grass stains have been camouflaged. Soccer balls have been kicked in these little draw string wonder. The label reads size 4/5, but size means nothing to a scrawny 7 year old or a yummy 4 year old. They have been makeshift swim trunks in the streams. A wonderful companion in tents and condos alike. Whether it was a t-shirt or dress shirt, they have played nicely with whatever partner they were put with. For the past 10 years when the weather has been warm and frisky, they have been that soft go-to kind of comfortable frock. 

Today the Littlest was wearing these shorts who have enjoyed the wear and tear of 4 plus boys(we were not their original owner). He came in and said, "I am glad no one saw this hole in my shorts. I would be so embarrassed. Mom, can you sew them?" I looked at the threadbare pair of shorts and said, "My darling, they are beyond repair." So long, dear pair of cotton adventure short pants. You have served us well. xo

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