10 April 2012

one girl

Okay, stop me if I have already told you this story. It quite literally happens about every time I am out in public with my boys.

Lady: "Wow, four boys. That must be interesting." 
Mister: "Yes, it is."
Lady: "I bet they fight a lot."
Mister: "They wrestle. Yes."
Lady: "Your house must be awfully loud."
Me: {silently seething} I interrupt, "They are lovely boys-conscientious and kind."

If I have been stopped once, I have been stopped a hundred times by strangers to be told how much my life would be better if my family were smaller-or more female."O, honey. No girls? Bless your heart." "Four boys? Are you going to try for a girl?" These opinions would be a little less irksome if they weren't always made in the presence of my darling boys. The worst was a first time mother who sat with me holding her baby daughter at a church event. She looked at my four boys and said, "You didn't get blessed with a girl?" I looked this ignorant young mother in the face and said, "I am blessed." 

Last night as we sat at the soccer field, a woman who I did not know approach my car to make small talk. After we exchanged pleasantries, she noticed all the testosterone in my truck. "No girls?", she asked sweetly, herself a mother to all boys. Before I could answer, my 5 year old shouted whilst pointing to me, "One girl! We have one girl in our family." It made me laugh to hear his response. And might I add-happy. 

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Ariana said...

Girls are overrated. (at least the crying drama and the emotions that overwhelm our entire house.) Not that I don't love her with all my heart, but today she told me that 'her bones don't work' in an effort to lump around, be sad and carried around all day. I refer to her crazy moments as 'emotional terrorism'.

Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I secretly I miss the days when I just cared for all boys.