23 April 2012

april (snow) showers

they grow them big in madagascar!
the weekend began warm and promising. book club for me. gardening and insect inspecting for the boys. a movie for the older boys with the mister, m&m date night with me and the littlest. church day brought cold, rainy weather. we sat in front of a fire-in mid april. whaaaat? 
hypnotized by the fire-that-george-built
then this monday morning i woke early. upon my return from the gym, low and behold snow! so glad i snagged some lily of the valley from my yard before the chill of the water/snow got the best of all my little flowers. this cold snap has me a little happy to welcome a quiet day and a warm kitchen where there is bread baking. here's hoping your monday is unexpectedly calm and cozy. 
xo gf

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